9 ways to reuse shockproof plastic

9 ways to reuse shockproof plastic

“Shock Resistant Plastic” or “Shock Resistant Bubble” is an item that we normally receive in each delivery. Most of the time, when you get it, squeeze and play until it runs out of value. Or throw it away without any further use even though we can actually reuse or apply a lot. Therefore, in this work, Jars.com took the opportunity to collect the advantages or benefits of shockproof plastic in relation to housework and gardening for anyone who has ever wondered whether shockproof plastic Do you What can do? Have it and use it for what? Today we have the answer for you.

1. Reuse parcel wrapping paper

The simplest, best and most effective plastic bumper reuse idea is Used to wrap parcels again. But starting from the first step of unpacking, try to pull out the tape slowly No tear or even the slightest damage. then collect When it’s time to send in some stuff. can be picked up for normal use

2. It’s a security system.

Just place a plastic bumper under the door mat. It’s like installing an integrated security system. Because it will help us hear the sound and know when someone comes in and out. Moreover, coming home from work tired but stepping on the plastic bumpers, it also helps you relieve stress. and eliminate frustration in the body as well

3. Restore the beautiful form of shoes

For shoes that pile up in the closet until they become flat, unsightly, and can’t be worn, put storage plastic cushions inside. Then leave it for half an hour and then remove it. This will help your favorite shoes regain their original good shape. Back to its original shape ready to use again

4. Prevent toolbox from being damaged

In addition to being used to wrap fragile items safely. Transport peace of mind Bubble wrap is also used to wrap tool boxes to protect equipment from damage. or scratch the box

5. Make the indoor air warmer

In the cold winter If anyone wants to keep the house warm and good shockproof plastic can be collected and can be connected together to cover the window instead of plastic film This will prevent the wind from blowing in completely. Makes the indoor air less cold warmer It also saves money from buying winter equipment.

6. Keep food temperature constant

No insulated bags to keep food fresh We recommend putting bubble wrap in your shopping bag instead. as it can also help keep food cold for longer time Bubble wrap can also be used to wrap fragile fruits and vegetables like strawberries, ripe peaches or fresh tomatoes. to reduce bruises or prevent damage as well

7. Maintain the temperature of the drink in the glass

It’s okay if you don’t have a thermos at home. because shockproof plastic can be used instead Just cover it around the glass. Then add hot water. It stays warm longer. If you add ice, it will be very cold and will not melt quickly.

8. Reduce the problem of hand injuries

Those whose hands are injured or blistered from frequent touching of cleaning tools should cover the handle area with plastic shock absorbers such as brooms or mops, which will inevitably cause blisters to return. again.

9. Help with gardening

If you don’t believe, you must believe. Bubble film can be applied to garden work, first of all to cover pots to help prevent cold in winter. According to this method, it must be started before planting by covering the inside of the pot with shock-resistant nylon. leaving only the butt so that the water can drain well Then the plant is planted as usual. This will keep the plant warm. You don’t have to endure the cold anymore. The second stage is to use bubble film to wrap around the young fruit or around the seedling. to help prevent frost prevent insect damage and prevent damage that could happen unexpectedly