Zipper pocket

Zipper pocket

Thickness : 140micron (front 70 after 70)

Pros : It’s a zip lock bag. Clear plastic made from flexible plastic (Polyethylene terephthalate; PET), clear front, can clearly see the product inside. The back part is all transparent plastic. Zipper very tight. Thus preventing air from entering and exiting as well as preventing moisture from coming in from the outside.

Commonly used for : Cornflakes, popcorn, crispy snacks, cereals, colorful products Focus directly on the beauty of the product.

How to use : unzip the top zipper and pack the food or product as needed when appropriate Then close the ziplock tightly. can also seal on another layer bag sealer or electric bag sealer

After we research the types of ziplock bags we will be able to optimize with our products. In the end, our products will be beautiful, attractive to buy and more eye-catching for customers. for business executives of various sizes It will make the brand look more quality, stable, trustworthy. Our products and products will have value, quality and increase sales. Therefore, it is not surprising that zip lock bags are favored by many people today.